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Anti Wrinkle Treatment

About Botulinum Toxin (Btx)

Botox is a brand name for botulinum toxin. Its used in the medical aesthetic industry to relax small muscles around the face, neck hands feet and underarms to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or help with hyperhydrosis (sweaty underarms, hands and feet) it’s also used in the muscles spanning the head to help with tension headaches. It’s injected using a series of very fine injections into the required muscles.

Treatment Areas/Types


The main muscles that most clinicians will target are the upper face muscles. These are:

  • Glabellar (between brows) causing frown lines
  • Frontallis (forehead muscles) causing corrugated appearance on forehead
  • Orbicularis oculi around the eye causing crows feet

As we age our skin loses it’s elasticity and has a wrinkled appearance especially so on tightening of these muscles every time we use them during our day to day facial expressions. Btx is used to relax these muscles allowing the skin to smooth over the muscle and so reducing the appearance of wrinkled skin. Btx is a non permanent method of reducing the signs of ageing. Typically lasting between 3-6 months maybe more or less.

Advanced Btx

This is provided by advanced trained clinicians who are able to manipulate the muscles in the face.

Advanced clinicians, such as Ros, will target other areas of the face such as nose, lips cheeks, chin and neck to reduce wrinkles and provide the appeared of lift.

Btx used in conjunction with fillers can contribute to a non permanent face lift.


Excessive sweating of the hands feet and and underarms can be controlled by paralysing the muscles supplying the sweat glands.

Warnings and Complications

As with any treatment involving compromising the skin and muscles there is a risk that the treatment falls short of patients and sometimes clinicians expectations. It’s rarely to do with technique but more often on an individual response basis. Some obvious complications are mild bleeding, bruising and rarely infection. Some patient centred conditions, such as an autoimmune disease, will contraindicate treatment for that patients. Additionally, pregnancy, breast feeding, active local infection, and previous hypersensitivity are all contraindicated.

Our Results

glabella-217x300frontallis-198x300crowsfeet-199x300 1advancedbtx-195x300

  Glabella                                 Frontallis                            Orbicularis Oculi                 Advanced Botox

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