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Dentistry for Children

Preventative dental care

It is our aim that every child should have a sound, healthy and beautiful smile and be treated in a caring, gentle environment where a visit to the dentist is something to look forward to.

dentistry-for-childrenPrevention of dental disease in children should begin at the moment the first tooth appears. As soon as the teeth are in the mouth, they should be cleaned gently with a soft brush and a tiny amount of children’s fluoride containing toothpaste.

Children are highly susceptible to dental decay. This susceptibility continues well into the third decade of life. It is essential that dietary sugars and natural juices are not only kept low in quantity but also in frequency from the youngest age. Babies and children should be actively encouraged to drink and enjoy water. Clearly children need a balanced diet including sugars for healthy growth and we can guide you to manage their diet in a way that is compatible with dental health.

Regular visits to the dentist are essential in the identification of and treatment of any problems at an early stage. We recommend that all children from the age of 2 yrs should have a check-up every 6 months.

Regular visits to the dental hygienist are invaluable in the prevention of dental problems in children. From an early age we can guide parents with regard to good cleaning habits. As the child grows, they gradually take responsibility for their own dental hygiene and the value of the reinforcement of this routine by an experienced hygienist is enormous. We recommend that all children should see a hygienist twice a year from the stage where the adult teeth start to appear (approximately 6 yrs).

During orthodontic treatment, we recommend that a child sees the hygienist every 3 months.

Dental development should be monitored at each appointment, if there are any anomalies in development such as crowding or missing / extra teeth, early identification and proactive management of the condition can limit the difficulties later. The use of fissure sealants on newly erupted adult molar teeth will often prevent cavities from forming.

We will do our utmost to accommodate your child either after school hours or during the school holidays. Booking your child's appointment well in advance will ensure that you have maximum choice.

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