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Our highly skilled team provides quality dental services in a calm, relaxed and friendly environment and is dedicated to providing you with dental health for life, a combination of the highest standards of care together with the use of state-of-the-art equipment.

We are committed to preventative dentistry and in helping you and your children understand the importance of keeping your mouths free of tooth decay and gum disease.

We encourage parents to register their children from birth so we can see them once or twice a year to help them grow up free from dental disease.

Devon Dental  05NEW“We have for many years treated a great number of patients who are extremely nervous of dental treatment and where a local anaesthetic is required, there are various methods we will consider. One of my favoured techniques is the WAND™ pain-free injection system. It reduces anxiety and is particularly helpful when treating children or those with needle phobia who we find don’t even realise they’ve had an injection” Dr Mitesh Badiani

The Wand™ System is the easy alternative where local anaesthesia is required, having many advantages over a standard syringe.

Key Benefits:
  1. Higher Patient Comfort
  2. Reduced Patient Anxiety
  3. Faster numbing onset and sensation recovery
  4. Especially useful for paediatric patients

It is very popular with our patients

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