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Patient Testimonials

'Restored my confidence'

I have been a patient at the Devon Dental Centre Of Excellence for 3 years. Initially, I was referred by my NHS dentist to attended the clinic for treatment which she could not do. I was reluctant as I have always had a fear of dentists. However, from the first greeting at the reception to meeting Dr Linda Blakely, I realised my fears were unnecessary.

I had lived with a gap on one side for several years, which over a period of time eroded my confidence greatly, and had begun to affect the way in which I conducted myself in my job. I hated having photographs taken from that angle, to the point that I taught myself how to smile on only one side of my mouth. failing that, the hand over the mouth became a natural action.

Linda was meticulous in gathering detail about me, my lifestyle and my expectations so that from the onset she could give me the facts, which enabled me to make an informed decision on what was realistic and affordable.

During my treatment plan Linda had to make changes, as one of my teeth didn't hold up. This didn't phase her. She found another way to complete the treatment. looking back, I have to say

I didn't realise just how much detail and dentistry was going to be needed to achieve the end result that I was after, but Linda kept me informed at every stage of the treatment plan.

I am over the moon with the results. I cannot recommend Linda Blakely highly enough. I have been on a journey, which has totally restored my confidence, but also given me a confidence in dentistry. I put that ALL down to Linda.

August 2013

You are all stars

I would like to say a big thankyou to all the team at Devon Dental Centre of Excellence.  I have various treatments including extractions, dental implants, bridges and crowns and have to say that my treatment with Linda was Marvellous and fantastic. The reception staff and nurses are all brilliant  and provided me with all the aftercare I needed. I was given full advice about treatment and I'm glad I took all the advice given. I would advise anyone else looking for this type of treatment to visit Devon Dental Centre of Excellence, a wonderful team!

Yours JV                                                                                             January 2015

Root Canal Treatment

Dear Peter,
Just a note to thank you for your patience, kindness and understanding with my two recent visits for root canal treatment.

I’ve just had the second crown fitted and it’s lovely to smile again with it causing me so much pain.

In fact it was wonderful to have been able to smile so freely with a temporary crown at my daughter’s wedding, a really happy day for everyone.

Sadly my fear of dentistry will probably be always with me but at least I know that with empathy and modern technology I can face it again if I have to.

Kindest regards
April 2012

Me and My Dentures

I had a really bad time as a child with the dentist in the 1970’s and it stayed with me right through my growing years, I was extremely nervous around dentists, in actual fact I was petrified of the dentist, until I came into contact with Linda Blakely at Devon Dental Centre of Excellence.

I had bad gums and had to have my top teeth removed and now have been wearing a top set of dentures for 5 years. Linda looked after me and put me at peace, I have been so pleased with my dentures and even take them out and chase the kids with them to show them what happens if they don’t look after their teeth.

My dentures have become part of me and I can’t express in words how happy I am with them, all the worry I had was erased and people don’t even know I wear dentures, I couldn’t be more pleased with them and the treatment I have received from Linda Blakely and the entire team.

March 2011

Teeth Grinding

Dear Dr Linda,

My thoughts on how my life has changed since having a special appliance fitted by Dr Linda Blakley.

I was suffering from headaches, deafness, not sleeping properly and my mouth sometimes refused to open making me have to push food through a tiny space in my teeth.

Whats was happening? I was recommended by the Ocular Care Therapist to talk to Dr Linda.

After receiving careful and painless intricate treatment I am now a different person. The headaches and deafness have gone, my mouth now opens properly with a relaxed jaw and my brain is no longer defending itself against pain.

For anybody who suffers from even some of the symptoms just consider having this treatment, it is so good when using the computer, driving, concentrating and of course no more grinding teeth!

Dental Phobia

31st March 2009

Dear Linda and Amy

Now that you finished my treatment I would like to write and thank everyone for the excellent personal service you gave me. This is the first time ever that my fear of the dentist was dealt with. Your team were wonderful and I simply cannot believe I came to your treatment centre so many times feeling relaxed and calm.

On each appointment you took the time and care to inform me what was planned and how you were going to do each particular session. You transformed my fear of the dentist to actually getting a work colleague to visit your practice because she had the same fears and we both ended your treatments looking forward to coming as you made the experience stress-less and pain free.

I cannot thank you enough, the end result is even more spectacular as everyone has noticed how nice my teeth are sol I feel I must give you all a truly grateful, heart felt thank you.

Dental Implant Nurses Course

As a dental nurse, I came to the course with a bit of experience having already assisting with dental implants. I had gained some skills and confidence in my workplace but the course meant that I learnt more of the theory so I could now improve my performance. The course gave me opportunity to really understand the whole subject of dental implants and the nurse and dentists providing the course were very approachable and explained the subject so it was very clear to me. With the combination of theory and practical tasks it was an enjoyable learning experience. It was great to get hands on and place my own implant and to also watch the nurses setting up using the proper asepsis techniques. This course gave me more confidence, knowledge and the skills to do my job to a high standard as a qualified dental care professional

Dental Implants with Implant Overdenture

April 2015

The vision of Dr Mitesh Badiani

"to create a patient journey which represents a high standard of care and service from the first time the patient walks into the practice right through to the treatment received in surgery and post-treatment communication is one from my experience "

                                                                                                                                                            I can certainly endorse as being 100% true.


My teeth, from natural decay and at the hands of several private dentists, over the years were, to put it mildly, not good. A dislike of injections, a tendency to "gag" violently with any contact to my pallet, welcomes of... "not you again" and a suggestion ... "How about I pay you to go somewhere else" sums up my situation before meeting Dr Mitesh Badiani  &  Dr Linda Blakely


The welcome at Devon Dental, "the coffee" the whole atmosphere is one of ease and relaxation from the receptionists and the nurses generally.


From my experience, this is a completely different world of dentistry. The initial assessment by Dr Mitesh Badiani included giving instruction to several trainees both present and via video.


The proposed work to be done, costs and time scale were well detailed and agreed before any work took place and the cost spread across the period of treatment.


The sound of the word "implant" is bad enough, the thought of actually having one or more might bring concern, but the professional and painless way they were carried out, for me, by Dr Mitesh Badiani and his team was remarkable.


On a business note, although the circumstances agreed for the work being done was altered from the original written agreement... to my benefit... Dr Mitesh Badiani ... honoured his word.  


The infinite detail given by Dr Linda Blakely from considering personal photographs showing how the teeth used to look and the commitment to making them look like it again was amazing.


This infinite detail, expressed by Dr Linda Blakely, when put to the test with other professionals, within and visiting the practice, brought comment of amazement and disbelief when told... "no, they really are false!"


By the way,... injections? ... I feel hardly a prick! Gagging?  Dr Linda Blakely does not allow me to gag, doesn't allow me to feel any discomfort at all, if possible, and apologises beforehand if there is a possibility.


I am so thankful for being recommended to Dr Mitesh Badiani & Dr Linda Blakely from a dentist I met in the Midlands and from personal experience recommend them unreservedly to anyone who wants treatment from people who show they care through the results of their treatment.


I actually look forward to my visits to The Devon Dental Centre of Excellence for the ongoing maintenance and the inevitable..." knocks along the way" and welcome the opportunity to discuss my experiences on a personal basis if required.




Smilestar charity

Dear Mitesh,

Thank you so much for your time and hospitality yesterday, it was an absolute pleasure to catch up and to see your expanding practise first hand.  The achievements of Smilestar are truly remarkable, >300 beneficiaries on the programme defies even the wildest dreams from when you started, and we genuinely cannot thank you enough for your commitment and dedication.

We'd be delighted to arrange a visit to Lympstone for the dentists within the programme either this or next year, as always, a picture paints a thousand words.

With my sincere thanks and very best wishes,


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